NetMedia is DL Imaging's online publishing system utilising Dalim's software to enable clients to track and manage their magazines and Assets. The system comprises of five parts which can be used separately or in conjunction with one another to create an all inclusive global workflow. All access to our system is through a browser window from most platforms.

"Online flat planning" (quite a simple term but the product needs to be shown to fully appreciate its power)

Softproofing (can be used separately or in unison with Mistral)

Uprint - Allows a client to print files directly from their desktop into our system via the internet

Weblink - Lets a client view the progress of files being printed and interrogate files with problems

DAM (digital asset management) at it's best. You can view, download, archive and manage all the assets you place onto the system. There are functions which allow you to custom order images in a different colour space, size and format. The system tracks everything that happens and logs the information so that you and we know what has happened.

These products can allow a publisher to control all aspects of their data but to fully appreciate how they can help you please contact us for a demo on either your premises or ours.